Kurt Stürzenbecher

Member of the City Council of Vienna, Chair of the Committee on Housing

  • Date of birth: 2nd May 1958 in Wolfsberg /Carinthia
  • Obtained general qualification for university entrance from the Höhere Internatsschule [Boarding school] of the state of Graz Liebenau
  • Degree and doctorate program to be Dr.iur. [Doctorate in Law] at the University of Vienna
  • Civilian service in the Documentation Archive of the Austrian Resistance Movement
  • Court practice in Vienna
  • 1985 to 1988 – Lawyer at the Bundesministerium für Land- und Forstwirtschaft [Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry]
  • Since 1988 – Club secretary in the social-democratic parliamentary group
  • Since 1997 – Municipal council and Member of Parliament in Vienna
  • Since 2004 – Chairman of the Ausschusses für Wohnen, Wohnbau, Stadterneuerung [Committee on Housing, Residential Buildings, and Urban Regeneration] (since 2018: and Women)
  • Since 2013 – Deputy chairman of the SPÖ Gemeinderates-und Landtagsklubs [Social Democratic Party of Austria of the municipal council and state parliament club Vienna]

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