Orna Rosenfeld

Housing policy advisor serving international organisations, Adjunct Professor at Sciences Po Paris

Dr Orna Rosenfeld is a senior housing expert and adviser serving international organisations, governments and selected cities in their work for affordable housing provision in Europe, North America and Central Asia. She has been supporting the European Commission since 2016, and previously worked with several international organisations including the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and the World Bank.

Dr. Rosenfeld is the author of the flagship study ‘Social Housing in the UNECE region: models, trends and challenges’ published by the United Nations and a co-author of the UNECE global, regional report to Habitat III.

In her current work for the European Commission, Dr Rosenfield provides advice on the implementation of the Urban Agenda Housing Partnership, matters of affordable housing policy and its implementation in the urban context. She also advises on the innovative urban actions at a city level, the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, New Urban Agenda and Paris Climate Agreement among other issues.

She holds a Doctorate from the University of Westminster in London, where she lectured before becoming an Adjunct Professor at Sciences Po – The Paris Institute of Political Studies. Her scientific research focuses on affordable housing, housing market renewal, territorial, urban and city development, governance systems, including governance of the implementation of large-scale urban development projects.

Dr Rosenfeld has presented her work at over 70 conferences in Europe, North America and the Middle and the Far East, including at the United Nations, European Commission, Capitol Hill, The World Bank, CEB and EBRD banks; La Sorbonne (France) and Cambridge (UK) universities. She is an invited member of international expert groups contributing housing efforts at the OECD, the World Bank, CNBC and the ELTI among others. In these forums, she promotes practice informed cutting-edge research for the advancement of the housing sector. 

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