Study Visit 2

Visit the "Rabenhof" - Municipal housing, community work and conflict management



3rd district, Rabenhof
 10:45 - 13:3 and 14:30 - 16:45
Duration: 2 hours
Travelling time
half an hour

Information about municipal housing its history and “Wiener Wohnen”, “wohnpartner” and conflict management.

The municipal housing complex ‘Rabenhof’ is located in the 3rd district. The area is dominated by several examples of municipal housing complexes from the ‘Red Vienna’ period during the 1st Austrian Republic. ‘Rabenhof’ was constructed between 1925 and 1928 and comprises of 1,112 rental flats as well as a popular theatre. 

On this excursion you will learn about the history of municipal housing in Vienna and get to know Europe’s largest landlord ‘Wiener Wohnen’ – owner of more than 1,800 municipal housing complexes. Furthermore, the study visit will focus on the impact municipal housing has had on society − then and now. During your visit to one of the residential centres run by ‘Wohnpartner’, you will learn about conflict management in the housing complex and community outreach programmes. 

Learn more about the history of municipal housing including the challenges faced and the strategies used to overcome these.