Study Visit 4

Tenants’ services and protection



15th district
10.45 a.m. 
Duration: 2 hours
Travelling time
half an hour

As Vienna is growing, real estate development is booming in the city.

Low interest rates combined with a high population growth is attracting real estate investors and developers. Selling apartments on the real-estate market has become a profitable business.  The imbalance of power between landlord and tenant is becoming a  visible problem. The tenants’ assistance association (Mieterhilfe) is the only facility in Vienna to offer rapid and free-of-charge assistance in all housing matters. 

A tenant harassment task force also supports vulnerable tenants in dealing with landlords who neglect their responsibilities and try to force out their tenants. In problematic buildings or in the event of a methodical eviction, tenants’ meetings are organised to inform dwellers about their basic rights. In certain cases, attorneys at law are provided for tenants. As we protect vulnerable tenants in our society, we strengthen the fabric which sustains our community.

We learn about social conflicts in real estate development and see a presentation of past and current cases of tenant harassment and how these cases have been handled successfully by the tenants’ assistance association. We visit buildings where harassment has taken place and see how intervention has helped the people living there.



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